100% renewable.
100% Texan.

Bulb is a new kind of energy company. We provide our members with 100% renewable electricity, sourced right here in Texas.

That might sound like a tall order, but as the country’s top producer of wind energy and the state with the greatest potential for solar, Texas is a natural leader when it comes to renewables.

We’re also just doing what we do best. Going big.

Solar panels

Sourcing our energy

One hundred percent of our energy is renewable. For every unit of electricity you use, we put a unit on the grid produced by a renewable source like solar or wind.

Every unit of energy we purchase comes with a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) certificate. REC certificates let ERCOT (the company that manages the Texas grid) verify the source of our electricity. So we’re legit.

As more people buy RECs, the cost of building new renewable generators will come down. And we’ll get even more affordable, green energy on the grid.

100% of Bulb's electricity is renewable,
compared to 24% state average

Based on ERCOT submissions for 2020. Source: ERCOT

Greening up the grid

By being with Bulb, you’re protecting the state you love. Our average member reduces their annual carbon impact by 8.42 tons of CO2. Or the amount of carbon 3,828 trees can absorb in a year. Or the weight of about 9 burly longhorns. Y’all get the idea.


Our generators

Are you looking to sell your power? We’re always looking for new renewable energy generators to work with. Send an email to hello.texas@bulb.com.